DemoGNG Source

Have a look at the source code of the java-applet. It is now split into eleven files (each class has its own file):


Download the latest final version from here. For now it is DemoGNG v1.5 (ca. 972 kBytes, Zip-Version ca. 1145 KBytes) inclusive the DemoGNG manual as ASCII, DVI, HTML and Postscript version. It is included in the tar archive DemoGNG-1.5.tar.gz as LaTeX source and in all described formats. See the Manual for a detailed description of installing and using.

A version without manual, so called DemoGNG light v1.5 (ca. 275 kBytes) is also available with a seperate Postscript Manual (ca. 257 KByte).

All packages are ready to run; they include the compiled class files and the needed HTML pages. So you need only a Java-capable browser to start DemoGNG simulation locally.

You can have a look at the most recent version if you want to test it. If you spot any anomalies, please advise me immediately; thank you!

Code Documentation

There is also a complete source documentation generated with javadoc including an Index and a Class Hierarchy.

The following classes are realized by DemoGNG:

Notes for the Class documentation

The documentation begins with an index, followed by the detailed Application Programming Interface (API). There are three categories at the class level. A category is omitted when a class has no applicable entries.

Within these categories there is additional color coding as follows:

Instance Variables
Static Variables
Instance Methods
Static Methods